About Michael E. Jackson

As a certified professional dog trainer, Michael brings more than ten years experience to canine obedience training, client coaching, and nutrition consulting. His passion and his pet – praise – prize approach to training your dog produces positive, observable, and effective results without the use of methods or devices that might otherwise frighten or prove harmful your dog. Michael’s training sessions are individualized and are based on a thorough assessment of you and your dogs needs. Obedience fundamentals, reinforcement techniques, and special challenges unique to your dog are discussed. Expectations are reviewed and a training program is outlined. Michael’s goal is to provide a satisfied client with a happy, obedient, and  enjoyable dog.

Success Stories

It is not an understatement to say that without Michael, our pitbull wouldn’t be alive.

We got our pitbull, Puck, from the ASPCA when he was 2.5 years old. He was bred in a fighting ring and rescued by the police when he was 6 months old; 12 dogs were taken, 10 had to be put down. From there he went to the ASPCA. He was adopted and returned twice before we adopted him. He was well behaved the first few months we had him.

Gradually we gave him more and more (too much) freedom including sitting on the couch and sleeping in our bed. His behavior went down hill. Over the course of the next nine months or so he bit me twice, bit family members, and bit other dogs. He became more possessive over my girlfriend as well as the bed. Whenever she came home he would jump on and claw her out of excitement, she constantly had scratches and bruises on her legs. One night I got into bed before Puck, he jumped on the bed and tried to bite the top of my head. The next day we thought we would have to take him to the vet and have him put down.

We called a bunch of trainers in a last ditch effort to save him. Michael was the first one to get back to us and within an hour of speaking he was at our door. After the first 30 minutes with Michael Puck was not happy but we saw an impact already. After a few days Puck continued to improve. Michael didn’t teach Puck as much as he taught us. We learned how to walk him, how to feed him, how to crate train him, and most importantly how to keep him calm.

After 12 weeks Puck was a completely changed dog. Family members that saw the old Puck couldn’t believe the transformation. More importantly Puck is a calmer and happier dog now. Even after our training Michael continued to keep tabs on Puck, invited us to the park when he was working with other dogs, and has been available to answer questions that we might have. We are so thankful to Michael for saving our dog and making his life so much better. I would recommend Michael’s services to anyone that is looking to have a calmer and happier dog.

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Meet Up with Michael E. Jackson

You’re invited to a one of a kind experience with dog behaviourist and trainer Michael Jackson. Receive free dog training New York and advice from a professional dog trainer with a decade of experience caring for dogs and teaching them obedience. Bring your pet too. If you’re expecting a top down instructional class, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by Michael’s unintimidating, conversational nature. His goal is to help you better educate yourself on dog care so you can be the best owner you can be. Stay tuned for announcements on the next Meet Up.

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