Professional Dog Trainer

Michael E. Jackson

As a certified professional dog trainer, Michael brings more than ten years experience to canine obedience training, client coaching, and nutrition consulting. His passion and his pet – praise – prize approach to training your dog produces positive, observable, and effective results without the use of methods or devices that might otherwise frighten or prove harmful your dog. Michael’s training sessions are individualized and are based on a thorough assessment of you and your dogs needs. Obedience fundamentals, reinforcement techniques, and special challenges unique to your dog are discussed. Expectations are reviewed and a training program is outlined. Michael’s goal is to provide a satisfied client with a happy, obedient, and  enjoyable dog.

Michael Jackson Dog Training

995 Myrtle Ave #3E, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Phone: 347-351-9343

Hours of Operation

Mon, Tue, Wed – CLOSED

Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun – 7;00am to 7:00pm

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