Give Your Pooch a Happier Life through Dog Training

It's never too late for dog training!If you love your dog (and of course you do!), it’s important to understand the value and meaning behind consistent and positive reinforcement dog training.

Training your dog is not about having your dog “perform” and do tricks. Effectively training your dog means having clear and consistent communication and understanding between you. Dog training is not for putting unfair restrictions on your dog’s behavior or breaking his spirit; quite the opposite. Training will make his life (and yours) much happier, easier and stress-free once he understands what you want (and don’t want) him to do. Good training never involves punishment or pain.

There’s no better investment than training your dog and the dividends will pay off throughout the lifetime of your relationship. You’ll enjoy a closer bond with your beloved furry friend and he will be able to live up to your reasonable expectations.

Does Training Really Make a Difference?

Does your dog always jump on other family members, friends or guests?Training helps curb your dog jumping and pulling.

Does your dog control the walk and drag you everywhere?

Would your dog get into danger if he was not leashed?

Most of us can probably agree that none of the above scenarios reflect effective dog training. But just like children, dogs need to be trained on how to act appropriately in our world, especially around other people and animals.

So, what if instead, your (trained) dog would:

  • Not jump on guests or friends. Instead, he would wait for your command to go calmly greet your guests. He understands you want him to sit calmly and observe and approach them only when invited. Training helps your dog understand you.(Your guests and friends would definitely be happier!)
  • Stay calmly at your side during the walk and follow, not lead. If you run into other people and their dogs during the walk, your dog would wait patiently and approach them in a socially-acceptable manner when invited.
  • Listen and follow your commands in all situations for his own safety. There are many dangers for an out-of-control dog; dangers they have no way of discerning or understanding. For example, when you open the door, does your dog charge right out in front of you and possibly into traffic? Training helps keep everyone safe.

Here’s the Great News!

It’s never too late to train your dog.

Michael Jackson Dog TrainingUnsure of what to do? Don’t have the time or proper knowledge to effectively train your dog? Feel overwhelmed when it comes to getting your dog to listen and learn? A professional can make dog training much easier.

If you’re in New York City, reach out to us or call us at 347-351-9343 and we will be happy to set up a free consultation to assess your particular needs. Training your dog does not have to be difficult and we’re here to help you.

Remember, Train Them, Don’t Blame Them.

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