Dog Walker

Dog Walker in NYC

Important facts about walking your dog.
Taking your dog out for a walk is so much more than just letting your dog out in the backyard for a potty break. It is a behavior training opportunity to socialize with other canines and to avoid health-related issues caused by physical inactivity and boredom. Why structured dog walks? It’s the most effective way to put your puppy/dog in a calm state of mind and builds a better relationship with your dog. New York City lifestyle can often affect dog owners relationships with their puppy/dog. We all live busy lives and is complicated to fit consistent lengthy walks in your dog schedule. Hiring a dog walker is going to relieve the guilt of locking your dog for more than 8 hours a day and you will know he/she is well taken care of. We offer semi-private and private dog walking services for puppies, adolescent, and adult dogs covering most of the New York City Metropolitan. Areas include Brooklyn, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Harlem, Central Harlem, Midtown, and Hell’s Kitchen.

Dog walking with GPS Tracking
We offer an awesome perk that includes GPS tracked walks, poop alerts, and photos. We send the walk details and a map to you by email or text message. We will capture the moments and show you how much fun your dog is having out and about. We believe this way, we can increase trust by keeping you connected to every walk!