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Off-Leash K9 Training

Why Off-Leash Obedience is so important, especially living in NYC? Because leashes break, leashes get dropped on walks and there’s a dog walker on every corner and dogs react to other dogs. More importantly, if a door is left opened and your dog bolted out of the door, could you stop him with a single command?

New York City also has the most beautiful parks in and out of the city, having your dog off-leash with the confidence of a reliable recall is a wonderful feeling.

How to train your dog to stay with you off-leash?

Our Off-Leash Dog Training will allow your dog to choose for himself, the right thing to do. No leash needed.
For example:
  • Choosing not to run out an open door
  • Choosing not to run towards or away from another barking dog
  • Choosing to “Come” the first time you call him
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Location: In-Home & In-Public

End Result: Your dog will obey your commands wherever you go, on or off-leash, so you can move about w/ease & confidence.

Avg Time: Up to 12 private lessons w/trainer & daily practice for the handler.


  • Advanced E-Collar
  • Herrer Sprenger Training Collar
  • 6 ft. leather leash
  • Dog training cot

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