Board and Train Puppy Programs for 10 week to 5 month

When to start training a puppy?

I’m doing things in puppy training that no other dog trainer will ever do, take a few minutes to watch the video below. If you’re interested in what you’ve heard, enter your information next to the video to get pricing and program information. No more cheap group classes designed to get your puppy to sit for a treat (you can do that on your own) Nothing BASIC NOT designed to just teach you a few things and hope your puppy does well upon entering adulthood Most puppy training FAILS both owners and puppies. You see, most puppy training is a few weeks long, costs a couple of hundred bucks, and gets you the very basics, I’ve done this same thing for years, training, in this way I’ve learned a few things along the way. Training in this way does not benefit the puppy or the owner Everyone WANTS far beyond basic! They want that dog that listens On and off-leash when they go to the park, hiking, or camping. They want that dog who is perfectly well behaved when guests come over. They want that dog who walks great on a leash, can be trusted off-leash, doesn’t go potty in the house, doesn’t chew, and doesn’t bark or whine.

They want a well behaved trained dog
And you simply can’t get that with a basic puppy course that costs a couple of hundred dollars. So, I realized I can’t do that by doing a basic puppy course. Instead, my puppy training is designed as a primer course that leads to my, 9 weeks OFF- leash Freedom K9 Program. You’ll start by getting the foundation work done and then transition into that 9 Week Off-leash Freedom K9 program so that by the time you’re done your dog is completely trained on and off the leash with great manners. A dog who listens the first time, no repeating yourself. A happily obedient dog. And NONE of that can be accomplished with a basic puppy training class. My program is extensive. It’s not cheap. And it’s not for people out there looking for the basics. It’s ONLY for people who want and do the best for their dog. If that sounds like you, book a time for a free pre-evaluation phone call on the calendar below. We’ll discuss your goals and needs and then we’ll see if our program is a match. Talk to you soon! When to start training a puppy?