Potty Training Your Puppy

I would like to discuss very quickly the idea that most pet parents struggle with and thats what method of potty training should I use Crate or Paper? It is my option that crate training is by far the most efficient method of house-training, dogs are den animals and have an instinctive desire to keep their den (crate)  free on urine and poop,

take advantage of his instincts, take your puppy outside frequently and before you know it you’ll have a potty trained new puppy.

City life, if you live in a high rise and have a tiny dog and can’t go down stairs every hour then paper training or litter box training is the way to go, placing training pad in a convenient location not too close to his crate and where your pups can see it, moving the training pad closer to the door, and as he develops bladder control , he will associate potting with going outside rather then on the pad.

I hope this helps you decide on what method will work best for you, have love and patience and remember, Don’t Blame Them Train Them.

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